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Easter flowers, Spring weddings & our new staff - April 2017 Edition of the Booker Flowers and Gifts Newsletter

Easter Flowers, Easter Gifts & Decorations
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This Month's News

April is the month of Easter - Spring, new life and fresh starts are all celebrated. A time when we detox, declutter and want to make everything ready for the summer. We have some gorgeous Easter flowers to show you this month along with Easter presents and Egg Hunt gifts so that you're prepared for Easter. Wedding season is also getting busier with our first flurry of Spring Weddings - more below about that too. 
New Staff at Booker Flowers and Gifts Shop
Say Hello!

We have two new staff to introduce you to - please say hello to Tom and Janet.

Janet has been appointed as a Florist and a Delivery Driver. We will be working on training Janet up to become one of our amazing florists.

Tom is also going to be a delivery driver, which will mean we will have more capacity in the shop to train all our florists. Unless he wants to join in with floristry of course!

If you see them deliver some of your flowers, make sure you say Hi!
Gerbera Flower of the Month April

The gerbera is our flower of the month for April. Gerberas are unscented flowers that originate from all over the world. There are over 600 varieties of this flower from colour, shape and size. The shape and colour are always cheerful and bright though, which is why it's the perfect flower for an Easter celebration bouquet.
Yellow is definitely the colour of Easter and so this beautiful yellow and blue Easter bouquet brings you colour and style to your Easter decorations.

If you're not sure what flowers to choose for an Easter gift, then this bright and cheerfulbouquet of blue and yellow gerberas is sure to bring some sunshine to anyone's home.

This beautiful hand tied bouquet contains lots of the yellow gerberas, Iris, Statice, Alstromerias, Chrysanthemums, birch twigs and includes an Easter decoration (can you spot it?!)

Order your Easter Flower Bouquet today for just £40!
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Do you have everything ready for your Easter Egg Hunt? We have got lots of Easter decorations such as Egg Hunt SignsEaster Bunny OrnamentsBunny Money Boxes, Floral Felt Egg Bags and DIY Easter Chick Egg Hunt Bags which would be the perfect Easter gift to make before the egg hunt starts.

Pop in to see all our Easter gifts and Easter decorations in store and or visit the Gifts Website online at
Wedding Flowers Questions and Answers
We often get asked the same questions by brides so here are our main Q&A about your Wedding Flowers.

How will the stems of the bouquet be wrapped? The standard wrapping is ivory satin ribbon finished off with pearl pins. This ribbon covers the area where your hand will be and a small amount either side with stems showing at the bottom.  You can customise if you wish - for example have the ribbon colour match or compliment your wedding colours; have the stems wrapped over completely or have bows or trailing ribbons hanging down. We are here to produce your wedding flower vision!

How long with the flowers last? We condition your wedding flowers really well and make sure they have all the special food and treatments to ensure that they will look tip top throughout the day. It is worth noting that once you receive your flowers they are not drinking, so it is advisable to keep them out of draughts, direct sunlight or heat sources until they are being used. At the end of the day if you are keeping your bouquet cut the stems before putting them in water as by then the stem ends will be sealed so they will not be able to drink without a fresh cut.

Who has/carries/wears flowers? The Bride and Bridesmaids usually carrybouquets.  The Groom, groomsmen, ushers, best man and fathers of the bride and groom have buttonholes.  The mothers of the bride and groom have a pin corsage, however sometimes they opt for a wrist corsage. Sometimes the buttonholes are extended to everyone at the wedding, however these days it is normally just the immediate wedding party and maybe a few other key family members such and nans and grandads that have them.

What are the current trends of flowers? The dominant trend for bouquets this year is definitely a just picked, slightly wild looking bouquet with lots of different shapes, textures and trails of foliage with the flowers.  Ivory and blush pink are still incredibly popular colours. For the reception, vintage style jam jars and bottles are popular and so are tall glassware with large statement pieces (like candelabras), so from one extreme to the other with not much in-between!

When will the flowers be delivered – how long before the marriage ceremony? We normally deliver your flowers around 2-3 hours before the ceremony. If you would like it earlier or later just let us know and we can of course accommodate your specifications.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact either via email, or call us on 0151 724 4850. 
To see our wedding gallery, get guidelines on prices and read more testimonials from other brides and grooms, visit our dedicated
Wedding Flowers Liverpool website.
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