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July Newsletter

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Gemma Wakerley

Gemma Wakerley

Booker Flowers & Gifts
7 Booker Avenue, Liverpool, L18 4QY
0151 7244302

The shop is very busy this week as we prepare flowers for a lovely wedding, we are keeping everything crossed that they have good weather.
And talking of flowers, our summer collection, available for delivery anywhere in the UK, is proving extremely popular. This month’s Featured Arrangement is guaranteed to bring a sunny smile, even on the dullest of days.
We also have some great new gifts you will love – a treat for yourself or a present for someone special, all available in the shop and online. This month’s Featured Gift will look fantastic on the table at any summer parties or BBQs you might be planning.
Whatever you are doing over the summer, we hope you have a great time, send us a postcard!
Best wishes,

Gemma at Booker Flowers and Gifts

Tubs Replenished

Pictured is one of the tubs outside our shop. We replenish them each season now that the council does not do it anymore. The rain has done some good and the tubs are really starting to bloom with colourful Geraniums, Marigolds and Tumbling Sweet Peas.

"They were stunning"

"Hi Gemma, hope you are well,

Just wanted to thank you again for doing our wedding flowers.
They were Stunning!

Had a look online at the photographer's pictures and they look fab.


Sue and Clive

Featured gift of the month

One of our most popular gifts this summer are these unusual Strawberry glass jug and tumblers by Gisela Graham. They have a rising bubbles effect in the glass coupled with embossed strawberries, evoking summer afternoons and cool drinks outdoors. They make a great centre piece to the table too.

With a rustic feel, made of thick glass, they differ slightly showing that they are unique hand-made pieces.

The Strawberry Jug is £23 and the Strawberry Tumbler is £6. You can order them online or call into the shop to pick one up. The website links are Strawberry Jug  and Strawberry Tumbler

Flower arrangement of the month

Sunflower and Aganpanthus - hand tied

With fashionable sunflowers and exotic agapanthus this stunning hand-tied arrangement is one of the stars of the season. Just look at the vibrant shades of golden yellow, blue and cerise, flecked with little white tanacetum flowers. It's a rich combination of summer colours, and it's designed to amaze.

This hand-tied bouquet features sunflowers, blue agapanthus, alchemilla mollis, cerise carnations, white tanacetum and pittosporum.

£34.99 next day delivery

Visit our
Booker Flower website to order these or any other of our beautiful new summer range of flowers.

Flowers and fruit don't mix!

Keep your fresh flowers away from fruit. This is because fruit gas, or ethylene, will reduce the life of your fresh flowers, making them get older faster. Ethylene is given off by dead flowers too, so also be sure to remove the flowers from your arrangement as they fade, to preserve the life of the rest of the bunch.

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    "That beautiful season the Summer!
    Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light;
    and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of

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